Legion, the Movie – Why It’s So Dangerous


I went out to see the films with my child and his companion the previous evening. I nearly didn’t go, thinking I’d roll over the facility and invest some energy chipping away at the PC and spending time with my pooch, Spot, who is recovering from being hit by a vehicle not long before Christmas. However, at last, I chose to follow along to the theater. They chose to watch the film “Army” – a whole-world destroying type spine chiller.

In “Army”, God has become sick of humankind’s rehashed disappointments and has chosen to, indeed, devastate the earth.

“What’s more, I will build up my contract with you, neither will all tissue be removed anything else by the waters of a flood; neither will there any more be a flood to obliterate the earth.”

– Genesis 9:11

Consistent with his promise, God doesn’t send a flood to demolish the earth. This time, he sends his blessed messengers. The characters in the film, naturally, botch these heavenly attendants for evil presences. All things considered, they have the groups of people, twist their bodies, have well honed teeth, stroll on dividers and roofs, execute the guiltless, and in any case do things that are unquestionably more satanic than heavenly. Be that as it may, Michael puts any misinformation to rest. Truly, that is THE Michael, the lead celestial host of God who has, obviously, mutinied and come to earth to attempt to spare mankind from God’s fury. He not just needs to take on the entirety of the great host (searching for all the world like wicked spirits), yet in addition the chief heavenly messenger Gabriel.

What’s more, what is Michael’s arrangement? To spare an unborn kid. No, his mom is definitely not a virgin. Indeed, she makes it truly clear she is a long way from it. No sweet, blameless Mary-type here. She admits at one point that she even went to the facility to prematurely end her infant, yet was halted by a mind-boggling sentiment of being gobbled up in obscurity which she deciphered as the manner in which demise must feel.

Before the finish of the film, Michael has vanquished Gabriel, Charley (the mother), the child and Jeep, a fairly straightforward man who isn’t the infant’s dad however has assumed on the liability of ensuring Charley and her infant (believe Joseph’s job with Mary and Jesus), drive off with into the desert with a truck brimming with weapons of mass demolition trusting that the infant will grow up and lead the world from dimness into light.

“Army” clearly obtains vigorously from the “Eliminator” and the “Grid” film arrangement. Be that as it may, my objective here isn’t to simply give a standard film study, however to call attention to the many, many major religious blunders right now. Having said that, I understand the maker’s weren’t attempting to sanction the genuine Apocalypse expounded on in the book of Revelations, yet I see an upsetting and perilous pattern in these “Hollywood meets the Bible” films that are being made over the most recent quite a while.

I know, I can hear my faultfinders previously saying, “Yet they are simply motion pictures, implied distinctly to engage.” I don’t think so. I accept they are promulgation instruments made by the foe to disintegrate the conviction arrangement of Christians, and to forestall the non-spared from turning out to be Christians in any case. Before you begin yelling about me being one more over-energetic Christian keen on sparing the world, let me clarify why I feel thusly.

To start with, we should take a gander at “Army”. Michael the Archangel revolts against God, ignores his requests, and concludes that he is going to give God what he needs, not what he needs. I appear to recollect another fallen blessed messenger who dared to put himself above God. He passes by numerous names, Lucifer, the monster, the snake, the villain, Satan. However, at last, Michael’s choice pays off and he is really compensated by God for his noncompliance. Michael comes to earth and cuts off his wings, in this manner turning out to be “human” and no longer a heavenly attendant. The imagery here is particularly similar to Jesus coming to earth and purging himself of the entirety of his god powers, turning into a negligible man.

All through the film, heavenly attendants set on wrecking the people – particularly the unborn infant – (think King Herod attempting to decimate the Christ kid, and the Terminator attempting to crush Sarah Connor) have the assortments of people (think Agents assuming control over bodies in the “Network” film arrangement). I’m experiencing difficulty with saintly creatures being sent by God to murder the “future any expectation of humankind” for several reasons.

“The criminal cometh not, however for to take, and to slaughter, and to crush: I am come that they may have life, and that they may have it all the more liberally.”

– John 10:10

Perhaps I could have acknowledged evil blessed messengers right now, not the grand host.

“For he will give his holy messengers charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

– Psalm 91:11

Hymn 91:11 simply doesn’t seem like a multitude of creatures set on pulverizing humanity.

At a certain point in the film, a man is hung topsy turvy on a cross… another image of wickedness, not of good. This was additionally clearly completed by the sublime host with an end goal to draw out the guiltless and increase section into the coffee shop where the infant’s mom and the previous chief heavenly messenger Michael (and others) are squatted.

At that point, obviously, there is the entire issue of an unborn youngster who is bound to be the desire for humankind. I’m grieved, didn’t that as of now occur? In case I’m not mixed up, the Messiah has just come. He was destined to the virgin Mary. He kicked the bucket on a cross – straight up, I may include – for our transgressions. He was raised from the dead following three days, and he presently reigns in paradise sitting at the correct hand of the Father.

Things being what they are, the place is Jesus at any rate in “Army”? No notice of him by any means. Is it true that he was not our intercessory? Did he not as of now take care of the punishment for our transgressions?

Presently, I will be the first to concede that if God took a gander at me, at my grim disappointments, and my noncompliance to his composed and expressed word, I wouldn’t merit sparing. The thing is, he isn’t taking a gander at us. He’s taking a gander at Jesus, the symbol of atonement, the substitute, our surrogate. He looks not at us however at the person who took care of the punishment of death for our transgression in spite of the fact that he was immaculate.

The dauntlessness of this film, for the sake of amusement, to propose that his penance wasn’t sufficient, that there should be another “friend in need” another “expectation for humanity” is a staggeringly hazardous and stupid way to step. Add to that the recommendation that God has lost confidence in man, however Michael hasn’t (so at that point, Michael is another friend in need for humanity?) and you end up with an exceptionally confounding theory of God, blessed messengers, paradise, salvation, and so forth.

In the event that our salvation isn’t finished, at that point there is no expectation for humankind.

Maybe the explanation Jesus doesn’t consider along with “Army”, is on the grounds that this film was made post “The Da Vinci Code”, the 2006 blockbuster film adjusted from a book by a similar title which turned into an overall hit with more than 80 million duplicates offered to date.

In “The Da Vinci Code”, Jesus wedded Mary Magdalene and had kids. The creator, Dan Brown, appears to help the Gnostic hypothesis that Jesus was only a human prophet, and by all account not the only sired child of God. On the off chance that this were valid, at that point Jesus would have lived, wedded, had youngsters, kicked the bucket and been covered – end of story; no revival, no salvation for humanity.

Presently, there are a few little flashes of light in “Army”. At last, benevolence triumphs, and through Jeep, the straightforward is utilized to bewilder the shrewd. In any case, the issue with these books and motion pictures that are semi Biblical is that there is an inquisitive blend of Bible truth with absolute shrewdness.

The adversary is astute. For the sake of diversion, the spared and non-spared the same will run to see these motion pictures and read these books. He realizes that our psyches are ripe fields. He should simply plant a seed. A seed of uncertainty will become similarly just as a seed of confidence. Indeed, likely better since it will get more sustenance right now world than the seeds of confidence – except if you give them additional consideration and consideration.

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